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PVA powder

Name  Polyvinyl Alcohol

Product Description

Polyvinyl alcohol powder is a kind of waterborne adhesive with excellent performance.The general product is flaky, granular or turbulent, cold water is not easy to dissolve dissolve must be heated.It has good solubility in cold water after microgrinding and surface treatment.However, because of its thermoplasticity and high requirements for grinding processing, Yida adopts a unique liquid nitrogen low temperature cooling process to ensure the fineness of the powder material is uniform, so that it has excellent water solubility and bonding strength


TypeFinenessViscosityAlcoholysis degree mole%Ash %maxVolatile matter %max

  • Production Process

  • Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a polyvinyl acetate produced by polymerization of vinyl acetate, which is saponified with different

  • alkalification degrees under the action of different amounts.Cold-soluble polyvinyl alcohol powder is a kind of water-soluble and

  • environment-friendly white solid powder, which is made from partial alcoholytic polyvinyl alcohol by cryogenic grinding

  • Physicochemical property

  • (1) It has good film forming property and adhesion, solvent resistance, friction resistance and tensile strength

  • (2) Appearance: white solid powder

  • (3) Melting point: 180-190℃

  • (4) granules: 80-120 mesh

Application Performance

(1) fine particles, small amount of addition, easy to disperse

(2) can be dissolved in cold water

(3) improve the good bonding performance, improve the mortar strength

(4) prevent mortar cracking, detachment, increase adhesion strength and smoothness

(5) tasteless, non-toxic, green environmental protection


PVA powder is widely used in mortar, putty powder, coating, interface agent, veneer plastering, ceramic tile caulking agent, ceramic tile binder, cement, gypsum additive and other fields.

Packaging, storage and transportation

It can be packed with paper and plastic bags lined with polyethylene bags, cardboard barrels or coated plastic bags, and the net weight of each piece is 25KG.Storage and transportation should be protected from rain, fire and moisture.



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