RDP/VAE Redispersible polymer powder

YIDA VAE/RDP has good film-forming properties, is easily soluble in water and easy to form emulsions, has strong cohesion, and has strong tensile properties. It can give mortar good fluidity and workability, and effectively improve mortar cohesion and impact resistance. resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, sealing, impermeability and bond strength.
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Product Performance

Name:RDP Redispersible polymer powder

Exterior:White powder, free flowing

Solid content,%:≥98.0

Ash content,%:15±2

Bulk density, g/l³:400-600

Average particle size, μm:80-120

pH value:6-8

Film forming temperature, ℃:0-5

 The recommended dosage of this product is 3-20‰ of the system, and the dosage needs to be determined by experiment.

Application field

  • Cement

  • Lime

  • Gypsum-based

  • Dry-mix mortar

  • Tile adhesive

  • EIFS

  • Self-leveling

  • Grouting

  • AAC Block

RDP application areas

YIDA LEAD® RDP powder has good film-forming properties, is easily soluble in water and easily forms emulsions, has strong cohesive force, and has strong tensile properties,which can endow the mortar with good fluidity and workability, and effectively improve the cohesion, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, Weather resistance, sealing, impermeability and bond strength.


YIDA LEAD® VAE/RDP Packaging Storage And Transportation

It can be packed in paper-plastic composite bag lined with polyethylene plastic bag, cardboard drum or plastic coated, etc. The net weight of each piece is 25KG. During storage and transportation, it should be protected from sun and rain, fire and moisture.

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