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Redispersible latex powder

Name Redispersible latex powder

Physical And Chemical Indicators

Chemical Name 

Ethylene-vinyl acetate powder (VAE-RDP) 


White free flowing powder

Protective colloid


Solid content,% 


Ash content,%


 Bulk density, g/l³


Particle size, μm


Film forming temperature, ℃







Good adhesion, dispersion and film-forming properties


Good adhesion, dispersion and film-forming properties; strong water resistance and flexibility


Good adhesion, dispersion and film-forming properties; strong water resistance and flexibility


Physical And Chemical Properties

(1)Redispersible latex powder is easily soluble in water and easy to form emulsion 

(2) Redispersible latex powder has strong cohesive force and good tensile force

(3) Redispersible latex powder can improve the processability, flexibility and impermeability of materials

(4) Redispersible latex powder can improve the cohesion of the mortar, increase the concentration and anti-sagging

(5) Redispersible latex powder can improve the flexibility of the mortar and extend the open time


Production Process

Ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber powder (VAE-RDP) is made of vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer emulsion (EVA emulsion) modified by adding water-soluble protective colloid (polyvinyl alcohol usually PVA) and spray-dried, using water as the medium Can be re-formed into an emulsion, a powder with redispersibility.

Redispersible latex powder

Application Performance

(1) Improve bond strength: latex powder forms a film at the interface

(2) Improve cohesion: film formation on the pore wall and film formation at microcracks

(3) Improve the airtightness and waterproofness of the mortar: the capillary pore wall forms a film, the microcracks form a film, and the latex powder film is waterproof

(4) Improve the flexibility and deformability of the mortar: latex powder has a low elastic modulus to change the rigidity of the cement base, and the latex powder bridges the mortar to supplement micro-cracks

(5) Improve the workability of mortar: the ball effect of latex powder particles, the air-entraining effect of latex powder emulsion

(6) Impact on the mechanical properties of mortar: reduce compressive strength and elastic modulus; appropriately improve the tensile strength of mortar; appropriately increase the flexural strength of cement mortar

(7) In the mortar system, the performance of the mortar varies with the content of latex powder. The amount of cement has a great impact on the performance of the mortar. Appropriately increasing the amount of cement can increase the elastic modulus and water resistance of the latex powder film, but with the amount of cement The increase of the powder will reduce the deformability of the latex powder film. ØWhen the content of latex powder is high, the material is flexible and has strong resistance to deformation. This type of material can be used as waterproof mortar, flexible tile glue, anti-cracking plastering mortar, etc.; ØWhen the content of latex powder is low, the material is rigid and the bonding strength is high. Due to the molecular bond of the rubber powder, it can have good bonding strength on smooth or flexible base surfaces. It is used in tile glue, benzene Board bonding mortar; In addition, latex powder can increase the cohesion of the material and improve the wear resistance. The typical application is self-leveling mortar.

 (8) Mechanism of action: It combines latex powder (features: low modulus of elasticity, large deformability, swelling and softening in water, sealing material, low compressive strength, high bonding strength, etc.) and cement materials (features: elastic modulus The advantages of high weight, low deformability, hydraulic materials, porous materials, high compressive strength, low bonding strength, etc.) have significantly improved the bonding performance and durability of the material. Tile adhesive is one of the typical applications. Film formation process: With the loss of water in the mortar (evaporation, substrate absorption, cement hydration), the latex powder particles are close to each other ØWhen the temperature is higher than the minimum film-forming temperature, a polymer film is gradually formed and interlaced with the cement hydrate, the mortar gains cohesive strength and bond strength growth, and finally improves the cement stone structure. To make the film-forming process of latex powder irreversible, it is necessary to consume the hydrophilic protective colloid of the redispersible rubber powder—polyvinyl alcohol. In alkaline systems, polyvinyl alcohol will be saponified by alkali, and this reaction is irreversible; in non-alkaline systems, polyvinyl alcohol will have residues, which will affect water resistance. Therefore, the alkaline environment (high pH value and ionic strength in the pore solution) of cement-based materials is an important factor in the coalescence of latex particles.



Redispersible latex powder is widely used in external wall insulation systems, tile adhesives, joint fillers, self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, putty, decorative mortar, diatom mud, waterproof slurry, wear-resistant floor and other fields.


Packaging, Storage And Transportation

It can be packed in paper-plastic composite bag lined with polyethylene plastic bag, cardboard drum or plastic coated, etc. The net weight of each piece is 25KG. During storage and transportation, it should be protected from sun and rain, fire and moisture.




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