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Name Redispersible latex powder

Model YD1090

Product Description

Yida redispersible latex powder (VAE/RDP)YD1090 is a redispersible latex powder formed by spray drying of a copolymer emulsion of ethylene and vinyl acetate designed with flexible end groups.This product has excellent adhesion, water resistance, alkali resistance and frost resistance, easy to dissolve in water and quickly form emulsion, enhance adhesion, tensile strength and durability, good dispersion, low gas content, can be directly mixed with all kinds of cement.

Scope Of Application

YD1090 is widely used in thermal insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, dry powder interface agent, high performance ceramic tile binder, floor material non-cement based dry mixed mortar.



Polymer composition



White powder, can flow freely

solid content%


ash content%


stacking densityg/


average grain diameterμm


Ph value


Film-forming temperature


Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of this product is 3-20‰ of the system, and the dosage needs to be determined by experiment.

Packaging And Storage

After the product is opened and used, it must be sealed in time; This product is thermoplastic, so it should be stored in a high temperature environment to avoid pressure, otherwise it will easily cause agglomeration; Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place at 0-40℃, and the storage time should not exceed 24 months.

Technical Support

During the preparation of various formula systems for this product, the Yida technical team can provide technical consultation, technical tracking, and long-term optimization of the formula system.

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