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hec cellulose

Name: Hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC

  Physical And Chemical Indicators  


White or light yellow fibrous, granular or powder solid   





Molar degree of substitution  




Mesh number

98% pass 80 mesh

Loss on drying


Viscosity (Mpa.s)





Apply to


Texture paint, latex paint special


Latex paint special


For real stone paint

  Production Process  

Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) consists of two parts: one is cellulose, and the other is hydroxyethyl branch. SKAC hydroxyethyl cellulose is produced by reacting purified cellulose with sodium hydroxide to generate alkaline fiber colloid, adding ethylene oxide to the colloid, and then modifying it. SKAC hydroxyethyl cellulose can play the role of thickening, bonding, dispersing, stabilizing, etc., and can store water, form a film and provide protective colloids.


  Application Performance  

(1)Hydroxyethyl cellulose can provide excellent leveling, without sagging, wrinkles, etc. 

(2) Hydroxyethyl cellulose is not affected by the PH value of the system, its thickening efficiency, and has excellent compatibility with other component materials such as pigments, additives, salts or electrolytes

(3) Hydroxyethyl cellulose can improve splash resistance

(4) Hydroxyethyl cellulose has excellent sag resistance

(5) Adding hydroxyethyl cellulose can reduce the use of associative thickeners and reduce costs

(6) Hydroxyethyl cellulose is easy to disperse and can effectively prevent agglomeration

(7) Hydroxyethyl cellulose is easy to use, it can be dissolved in hot or cold water with stirring equipment, and the solution can be directly added to the product

(8) Hydroxyethyl cellulose will not reduce the surface tension of the product, and will not produce unnecessary foam during the production process


Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is widely used in exterior texture paint, latex paint and real stone paint.


  Packaging, Storage And Transportation  

It can be packed in paper-plastic composite bag lined with polyethylene plastic bag, cardboard drum or plastic coated, etc. The net weight of each piece is 25KG. During storage and transportation, it should be protected from sun and rain, fire and moisture.


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