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Name:Re-dispersible polymer powder

YIDA® VAE/RDP is widely used in:

  •      Cement

  •      Lime

  •      Gypsum-based

  •      Dry-mix mortar

  •      Tile adhesive

  •      EIFS

  •      Self-leveling

  •      Grouting

RDP for self-leveling

  YIDA® VAE/RDP Physical And Chemical Indicators  ___________________

Chemical NameEthylene-vinyl acetate powder (VAE-RDP)
ExteriorWhite free flowing powder
Protective colloid PVA
Solid content,%97-99
Ash content,%10±2  13±2   15±2
Bulk density, g/l³300-500
Particle size, μm≥80
Particle size, μm0-5

  Production Process  _____________________________________________

Ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber powder (VAE-RDP) is made of vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer emulsion (EVA emulsion) modified by adding water-soluble protective colloid (polyvinyl alcohol usually PVA) and spray-dried, using water as the medium Can be re-formed into an emulsion, a powder with redispersibility.


  Physical And Chemical Properties  _________________________________

(1) Redispersible polymer powder is easily soluble in water and easy to form emulsion.

(2) Redispersible polymer powder has strong cohesive force and good tensile force.

(3) Redispersible polymer powder can improve the processability, flexibility and impermeability of materials.

(4) Redispersible polymer powder can improve the cohesion of the mortar, increase the concentration and anti-sagging.

(5) Redispersible polymer powder can improve the flexibility of the mortar and extend the open time.

 rdp for tile adhesive

  YIDA® VAE/RDP Packaging Storage And Transportation  ______________

It can be packed in paper-plastic composite bag lined with polyethylene plastic bag, cardboard drum or plastic coated, etc. The net weight of each piece is 25KG. During storage and transportation, it should be protected from sun and rain, fire and moisture.

YIDA cellulose

Hebei Yida Cellulose Co., Ltd. is a RDP manufacturer with 16 years of production experience.It has its own 16 RDP powder production lines with an annual output of 30,000 tons of RDP powder. Serving more than 500 customers in more than 40 countries.

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  • VAE/RDP-YD1030
    Yida VAE/RDP (YD1030) has good film-forming properties, is easily soluble in water and easy to form emulsions, has strong cohesion, and has strong tensile properties. It can give mortar good fluidity and workability, and effectively improve mortar cohesion and impact resistance. resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, sealing, impermeability and bond strength.
  • VAE/RDP-YD1060
    Yida VAE/RDP YD1060 has good resolubility and good flexibility after film formation; it can effectively improve the sealing, impermeability, waterproof, frost resistance and weather resistance of mortar.
  • VAE/RDP-YD1090
    Yida VAE/RDP (YD1090) has excellent adhesion, water resistance, alkali resistance and freezing resistance. It is easily soluble in water and quickly forms an emulsion, which enhances adhesion, strong tensile force and durability, and has good dispersibility. , low gas content, can be directly mixed with all kinds of cement.