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Top RDP Redispersible Powder (VAE) Manufacturer in China

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What is RDP

What are the characteristics of RDP

What is RDP for?

How to choose RDP

What should be paid attention to when cooperating with RDP manufacturers

Why choose YIDA's RDP

FAQ about RDP

What is RDP(Redispersible Polymer Powder)

RDP/VAE, redispersible polymer powder. It is made of vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer emulsion (EVA emulsion) modified by adding water-soluble protective colloid (polyvinyl alcohol usually PVA), and then spray-dried. Using water as a medium, it can be re-formed into an emulsion with redispersible powder. 

Top RDP Redispersible Powder (VAE) Manufacturer in China

RDP property sheet

Chemical Name

Ethylene-vinyl acetate powder (VAE-RDP)


White free flowing powder

Protective colloid


Solid content,%


Ash content,%


Bulk density, g/l⊃3;


Particle size, μm


Film forming temperature, ℃


RDP production process

What are the characteristics of RDP

1. RDP can be easily dissolved in water and form an emulsion.

2. RDP has strong adhesive force and good tensile force.

3. Redispersible Polymer Powder can improve the processability, flexibility and impermeability of mixed materials.

4. Redispersible latex powder can improve mortar cohesion, increase concentration and sag resistance.

5. Redispersible latex powder can improve the flexibility of the mortar and prolong the opening time.


What is Redispersible Polymer Powder for?

RDP is used in different scenarios and plays different roles, mainly to improve adhesion, cohesion and strength, as follows:

1. In the exterior wall insulation system:

Improve the bond strength of the mortar, improve the strength of the insulation system, resist cracking and resist impact.

2. In tile adhesive:

Improve the adhesion of mortar, improve the flexibility of tile adhesive, and make it adapt to different degrees of thermal expansion.

3. In plastering putty:

Improve the adhesion and bond strength of putty on smooth surfaces. Anti-penetration, moisture-proof.

4. In self-leveling mortar:

Improve the cohesion, dispersibility, and crack resistance of self-leveling mortars.

5. In interface mortar and repair mortar:

Improve the surface strength of the substrate, ensure the adhesion of the mortar, and improve the hydrophobicity and air permeability.

6. Cement-based waterproof mortar and masonry plastering mortar:

Ensure the waterproof performance of the mortar layer, improve the compressive and flexural strength, and improve the construction difficulty.

How to choose Redispersible Polymer Powder(RDP)

As a kind of split adhesive, RDP is widely used. With high-quality RDP, construction quality and schedule can be significantly improved.

However, many businesses in the market produce low-quality RDP in order to increase profits.

Therefore, how to choose an excellent RDP is very important, as long as there are the following points:

1. Judging from the appearance:

Good quality RDP will present a uniform powder particle, and the color is white, free-flowing, and has no pungent odor.

Poor quality RDP will have impurities, impure color, pungent taste and so on.

2. Judging by the solution:

Take 1 unit of RDP and 5 units of water, stir well, let stand for 5 minutes and observe.

A good quality RDP solution will have less sediment at the bottom.

Otherwise, it indicates that the quality of the product does not exist.

3. Burning observation ash:

Take 500 grams of RDP powder, heat it up to 600°C in a muffle furnace, and after burning at high temperature, take it out and weigh it again.

The lighter the remaining mass, the lower the ash content of RDP, and the product with higher purity.

4. Film-forming method test:

Film formation is the key performance of RDP. Therefore, testing film formation can also reflect the quality of RDP.

The RDP water solution was made with 1:2, poured on a smooth glass plate, and solidified to form a polymer film. The elasticity of the film is good, which means the quality of the RDP powder is good.

What should be paid attention to when cooperating with RDP manufacturers

Before cooperating with RDP manufacturers, please clarify a few important issues:

1. Choose real manufacturers instead of distributors and agents, which can help you greatly save purchasing costs.

2. Choose a manufacturer with high annual output, such as YIDA, whose annual output of RDP reaches 25,000 tons.

3. Observe whether the manufacturer has research and development capabilities, an excellent manufacturer can improve the product process according to your needs.

4. If possible, ask for samples in advance for testing. YIDA can provide you with free RDP samples, please contact us.

YIDA cellulose

Why choose YIDA's RDP/VAE

1. YIDA has 16 years of professional production experience and ranks among the best in China's RD manufacturers.

2. YIDA has 8 advanced production lines with stable supply and fast delivery.

3. YIDA can provide technical support and product process customization.

4. YIDA can provide packaging design and customization.

5. YIDA's RDP is cost-effective.


Q:How many types of dispersible polymer powder are there?

A:Redispersible latex powder is mainly distinguished by model.

Q:What is the dosage of dispersible polymer powder?

A:In general, the minimum film formation amount is 2%

Q:What are the brands of dispersible polymer powder?