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In 2022:Outstanding HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Supplier

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What HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Supplier will provide?

As an HPMC company with real production and R&D capabilities, because it has a professional technical team and experimental equipment, it can provide at least the following services:

    1. Stable supply of HPMC products to ensure stable supply of large-volume customers.

    2. Provide customers with product testing and experimental data to help customers find their own solutions.

    3. Provide product customization services for customers, and produce HPMC that meets the special requirements of customers by adjusting the production process.

    4. Provide customized design of HPMC packaging, LOGO, and appearance.

Production process of HPMC

    1. To produce HPMC, the first step is to pulverize the refined cotton.

    2. The pulverized refined cotton is alkalized with sodium hydroxide (liquid caustic soda) solution.

    3. Add chloromethane + propylene oxide again, carry out etherification reaction,

    4. Form HPMC crude product, after neutralization (pH value adjustment),

    5. After filter pressing, drying, crushing and sieving, pure HPMC with a certain fineness can be obtained.

    6. The finished product of HPMC has a slight smell, which is the smell of methane.

Where can HPMC be applied

    1. In the field of building construction:

    HPMC is used in mechanized construction such as masonry, stucco decoration, and caulking. It is suitable for concentrated dry-mixing and pre-mixing mortar. It has thickening water retention and cohesiveness, and improves slurry pumpability.

    2. In the tile adhesive for pasting tiles, marble, etc.:

    HPMC can effectively improve the adhesive strength and reduce the amount of cement.

    3. In plastering plaster, water-resistant putty, bonding plaster, caulking plaster and other products:

    HPMC can significantly improve its key properties such as water retention and bonding strength, and has the characteristics of good workability and no cracking.

HPMC manufacturer

    4. In the paint industry:

    HPMC is used as a thickener to make the coating bright and delicate, without powder removal, and to improve its leveling performance.

    5. In daily chemical detergents:

    HPMC has excellent water retention capacity and emulsifying properties, which can significantly improve the suspension and consistency of products and prevent product deposition.

    6. As adhesive:

    As an adhesive, the general concentration is 2%-5%, which is used to improve the stability of the hydrophobic adhesive, and the commonly used concentration is 0.5-1.5%.

    7. Can be used as retarder:

    Controlled release agent, porogen and suspending agent. Suspension agent: The usual dosage for suspending agent is 0.5-1.5%.

    8. Food:

    As a thickener, it is added to various beverages, dairy products, condiments, and nutritional foods, as a thickener, binder, emulsifier, suspending agent, stabilizer, water-retaining agent, excipient, etc.

    9. In cosmetics:

    Used as adhesives and emulsifiers, film-forming agents, etc.

HPMC Viscosity Comparison Table


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How to choose HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Supplier

Many manufacturers and distributors want to find a reliable supplier.

1. Pay attention to whether the supplier is a real manufacturer.

2. Confirm whether the supplier has export qualifications.

3. See if the supplier has the ability to experiment.

4. See if the supplier can provide product customization services.

5. Look at the annual output of the supplier.

What are the good HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Suppliers in 2022

In recent years, a lot of HPMC manufacturers have risen. By 2022, the more famous and reliable HPMC suppliers are as follows:

1. Dow Chemical, from Germany.

2. Lotte Chemical, from South Korea.

3. Yida cellulose, from China, is cost-effective.

4. Ashland, from USA

Why YIDA is an excellent HPMC Supplier

HPMC supplier

YIDA has 16 years of experience, specializing in the production of HPMC

YIDA has a technical research and development team, so it can provide experiments and product customization.

YIDA can produce 3000 tons of HPMC per month.

YIDA has multiple product lines to meet a wide range of customer needs.

FAQ about HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Supplier

Where is HPMC used for?

HPMC can be used in construction, medicine, food and daily chemicals.

Is HPMC safe?

HPMC is very safe in construction and daily chemicals, and has special requirements in food and medicine.

Is HPMC a thickener?

HPMC can often improve thickening, especially when used as a building material additive.

Can you provide packaging customization?

Yes, YIDA can provide packaging design and customization.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, YIDA can provide you samples for free.