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2023 HPMC Additives for Wallpaper Adhesives

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Wallpaper adhesive production process

Why should HPMC be added to produce wallpaper adhesives

The role of HPMC additives in wallpaper adhesives

How to add HPMC when producing wallpaper adhesive powder

Why choose YIDA to purchase HPMC

FAQ about HPMC

Wallpaper adhesive production process

The wallpaper adhesive is mainly made of potato starch and high-performance plant cellulose, extracted by low-carbon environmental protection technology.

The product is a white flaky powder that can be dissolved in cold water. The aqueous solution is a milky white viscous glue, which is a rare biodegradable adhesive product in the construction and decoration industry. It does not contain formaldehyde, is completely non-toxic, harmless, and is environmentally friendly and healthy. type products.

The construction viscosity is twice that of ordinary rubber powder, which can effectively improve the adhesion of wallpaper and prevent the wallpaper from yellowing, cracking, warping and other defects.

Specially added natural anti-mildew factor that is harmless to human body, strong anti-mildew and anti-bacterial. It does not need to be mixed with glue during construction.

hpmc for wallpaper glue

Why should HPMC be added to produce wallpaper adhesives

The main function of the wallpaper adhesive is to bond the wallpaper and the wall. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity, dispersion and stability of the adhesive components, so that no stress and pulling force can be generated on the wallpaper and the wall, and to ensure the wallpaper under any temperature and humidity conditions. Flatness. Therefore, it is necessary to add HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) in the process of producing wallpaper adhesives to adjust the performance of components.

The role of HPMC additives in wallpaper adhesives

HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose) is one of the non-ionic cellulose mixed ethers. It is a semi-synthetic, inactive, viscoelastic polymer. Because of its environmental protection and safety characteristics, it plays the following roles in the process of producing wallpaper adhesives:

1. Increase the cohesive force of the wallpaper adhesive.

2. Increase the stability of the wallpaper adhesive.

3. Improve the fusion and stability of other components of the wallpaper adhesive.

How to add HPMC when producing wallpaper adhesive powder

1. Hot water method: add 1/3 or 2/3 of the required amount of water into the container, and heat it to 70°C, disperse HPMC according to the method of 1), and prepare hot water slurry; then add the remaining amount of cold water or ice water to a hot water slurry and cool the mixture after stirring.

2. Powder mixing method: The HPMC powder particles are mixed with an equal or greater amount of other powdery ingredients to fully disperse through dry mixing, and then add water to dissolve, then HPMC can be dissolved at this time without agglomeration.

3. Organic solvent wetting method: pre-disperse or wet HPMC with organic solvents, such as ethanol, ethylene glycol or oil, and then add water to dissolve, then HPMC can also be dissolved smoothly at this time.




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Parameters Table

Why choose YIDA to purchase HPMC

YIDA is a cellulose manufacturer with 17 years of professional experience. The main products are HPMC, HEC, MHEC, and other construction grade and daily chemical grade chemical admixtures. Among them, the annual output of HPMC exceeds 40,000 tons. According to different product parameters and indicators, it is used in tile adhesives, gypsum-based mortars, wallpaper adhesives, and daily chemical detergents.

YIDA serves more than 600 customers in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and can provide you with free sample testing, laboratory testing services, and professional technical guidance.


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