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gypsum retarder

Gypsum Retarder Gypsum Plaster Retarder

  Product Description  

YIDA Gypsum Retarder is a very professional chemical agent with good adsorption performance, chemical performance and precipitation performance. With proper addition, Gypsum mortar, whitewash Gypsum, bonding Gypsum, caulk Gypsum and other Gypsum products can achieve effective setting delay, thus creating better conditions for construction.

  Scope of application  

(1) Physical properties: fine powder, slightly light yellow, no toxic radioactive elements, non-flammable and explosive, slightly alkaline

(2) setting time: it can delay the initial and final setting time of building gypsum for more than 100 minutes.The retarding time was prolonged with the dosage, and the optimal dosage was 1-3‰

(3) soluble: the product does not contain chlorine salt and water retention agent and other additives, and is soluble

(4) pH value :(20℃, 20% solution) pH value of 7-9

(5) The product has strong applicability and can be mixed in natural gypsum and chemical gypsum

(6) This product should be moisture-proof to avoid caking

  Method used  

(1) The retarder with the selected dosage must be evenly mixed with gypsum powder or the retarder must be completely dissolved in water before the gypsum powder is added

(2) According to the initial setting time of gypsum powder itself, the amount of gypsum retarder should be added if the initial setting time is long; otherwise, the amount of retarder should be reduced

(3) The amount of gypsum retarder is decided according to the proportion of gypsum powder in gypsum mortar. If the proportion of gypsum powder is large, the amount of retarder should be added, otherwise the amount of retarder should be reduced

(4) The amount of gypsum retarder should be added according to the required operation time of gypsum mortar. If the operation time is long, the amount of retarder should be added; otherwise, the amount of retarder should be reduced

Yida can make the best use of retarder according to your gypsum powder products.


Gypsum retarder is widely used in gypsum mortar, plaster plaster, bonding plaster, caulking plaster, plaster block, ceramic model, gypsum board with gypsum powder and other systems.

  Recommended Dosage  

The recommended dosage of this product is 0.5-3‰ of the system. The dosage should be determined by test.

  Packaging And Storage  

It can be packed with paper and plastic bags lined with polyethylene bags, cardboard barrels or coated plastic bags, and the net weight of each piece is 25KG.Storage and transportation should be protected from rain, fire and moisture.

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