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2023 Reliable HPMC Powder Manufacturers in China

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What is HPMC

How to use HPMC

Hpmc manufacturers in India

Hpmc manufacturers in China


What is HPMC

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is produced by grinding refined cotton, alkalizing with sodium hydroxide (liquid alkali) solution, adding chloroform and propylene oxide for etherification reaction, and then neutralizing, filtering, drying, screening and other processes. It is an odorless and non-toxic white powder that can be dissolved in water as a clear colloidal solution.

LEAD produced by Yida ® HPMC has good thickening, water retention, suspension, emulsification, adsorption and stability. Various models can meet various application requirements of different customers.

How to use HPMC

As a mortar additive, HPMC is mainly used to mix with other mortar raw materials and then package them into finished mortar products. After being transported to the construction site, HPMC can be directly mixed with water. HPMC plays different roles in different scenarios.

Performance of surface-treated LEAD®HPMC in water-based coatings

A. Used as a thickener:

In coatings, HPMC is used as a thickener, which can make the coating bright and delicate, good flexibility and non-powdering, and improve its leveling performance, etc.

B. Used as a stabilizer:

The surface-treated Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC is added to the water-emulsion coating, which can make the product stable in storage, uniform in color development, good in rheology, easy to mechanically construct, and can replace part of HEC. At the same time, it also has instant solubility, low splatter, good film formation, good flow and leveling, low sagging, high brush viscosity, excellent pigment performance and excellent biological stability.

C. Used as a dispersant:

HPMC has excellent dispersion performance, so it is especially suitable for use as a dispersant in emulsified paints.

Performance of untreated-surface LEAD®HPMC in various mortars

Mortar is a common building material, and its main components include cementitious materials, fine aggregate, water and admixtures.

A. Water retention

LEAD®HPMC has good water retention performance, prevents moisture from penetrating into the base surface too quickly, and has stable water retention capacity in a wide temperature range.

B. thickening

LEAD®HPMC can make the mortar reach a suitable viscosity, improve cohesion, improve operability, resist sagging, and improve construction efficiency.

C. Suspension

In some scenarios, LEAD®HPMC provides suspension for the mortar without changing the consistency of the mortar, so that the mortar system is evenly dispersed without sedimentation.

D. Adhesiveness

The wetting ability of LEAD®HPMC can not only improve the viscosity of mortar, but also ensure the surface activity and cohesion of mortar.

E. Open time

LEAD®HPMC can keep the internal and surface moisture of the mortar consistent within a certain period of time, ensuring the application time of the mortar and the wetting ability of the surface material.

HPMC application areas

Hpmc manufacturers in India

HPMC powder manufacturer usually refers to a factory or company with a complete set of HPMC production equipment. Because there are many chemical traders in all countries. They have no production capacity, but only import HPMC from China for sub-packaging and monopoly. Among them, there are many such companies in India. They call themselves HPMC manufacturers in India, but they are actually just a business trading company. Therefore, if you want to find HPMC manufacturers in India, you need certain discrimination and investigation ability.

Hpmc powder manufacturers in China

Next, introduce HPMC powder manufacturer in China. China is a major producer of HPMC. Because of its abundant raw materials and booming industrial market, China has become the production center of HPMC. For example, Hebei YIDA is a professional factory engaged in HPMC production for 17 years. As an HPMC manufacturer in China, YIDA has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", continued to invest in technology research and development, and grow together with customers. It has established a stable and long-term supply and demand relationship with more than 330 partners in more than 40 countries around the world.


The purchase of HPMC through YIDA will greatly benefit your business.

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