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2023 Top Defoamer Powder Manufacturers Recommended

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What is powder defoamer

How to use powder based defoamers

How to choose and purchase defoamer powder

Mechanism of action of defoamer chemicals

Defoamer application

What is powder defoamer

The defoamer is a powder defoamer for nonionic surfactants used in cement and gypsum-based dry-mixed mortar mixtures. It has the characteristics of easy dispersion, fast defoaming, high stability and strong adaptability. It has better performance in foam suppression and its main component is polyether polyol. This product has excellent foam control performance, eliminates harmful large bubbles, retains beneficial small bubbles, and can improve surface leveling performance. LEAD®DX100 produced by Hebei Yida has high quality and excellent price.

defoamer powder

How to use powder based defoamers

This product should be dry blended with other dry ingredients at a minimum level of 0.05% to 0.2% by weight of the ingredients. The actual dosage should be determined through appropriate tests before production and use.

1. Packed in 25kg paper bag, the main body is powder, paper-plastic composite packaging.

2. No more than 12 months under 5-35°C, dry and cool conditions. Protect from direct sunlight, moisture and pressure caking. It can still be used without caking for more than 12 months.

How to choose and purchase defoamer powder

Because of the wide application of defoamer powder, terminal manufacturers in the building materials industry often need to purchase large quantities of defoamer powder. There are usually two ways to purchase defoamer powder:

1. Purchasing through the local chemical distributors of the enterprise. The advantages of this method are convenient logistics and short transaction cycle. But it also has certain disadvantages, that is, the price is generally high, and the quality of the dealer's supply is difficult to guarantee, and the quality of different batches of defoamer powder may vary greatly.

2. The advantages of cross-border procurement through Chinese defoamer manufacturers are cheap prices and stable quality. But it is worth noting that it must be purchased through regular large enterprises. For example, Hebei Yida is a defoamer manufacturer with 17 years of industry experience, and its quality and price have certain competitiveness.


Mechanism of action of defoamer chemicals

1. Good dispersion in mortar, good defoaming performance and fast defoaming speed.

2. Eliminate harmful large air bubbles and retain beneficial small air bubbles.

3. Small dosage and high efficiency.

4. It can control air bubbles and make mortar products compact and bright.

5. Good adaptability with other materials.

6. Does not contain minerals, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

Defoamer application

As a kind of fine chemicals, defoamers are mainly used to eliminate harmful air bubbles in building materials. The main application areas include:

Gypsum-based self-leveling mortar

cement-based flow mortar

grouting material

Special flow mortar

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