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HPMC for Tile Adhesives Construction Chemical Admixtures

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What is Tile Adhesive

The role of HPMC in tile adhesives

The role of RDP in tile adhesives

What is Tile Adhesive

Tile adhesive, also known as ceramic tile adhesive or binder, viscose mud and other names, is a new material for modern decoration, replacing traditional cement yellow sand, and the adhesive force is several times that of cement mortar.

HPMC and HEMC for tile adhesives

Cement tile adhesive (CTA) is used to install tiles on floors or walls in residential and commercial buildings.

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According to international standards, there are mainly two grades of tile adhesives, C1 and C2. Different countries have different specifications according to construction technology and regional needs, but they are basically the same.

High performance and outstanding productivity

Our hydroxypropyl methylcellulose LEAD® (HPMC) and hydroxyethyl methylcellulose LEAD® (HEMC) are used as thickening and water retention additives in tile adhesives.

The above two additives can play a role in improving the properties, rheology and application properties of the mortar, and at the same time adjust the final strength of the tile adhesive and grouting.

We promise high performance and outstanding productivity when connecting tiles to a variety of substrates. Non-slip and having better open time are key to better adhesive requirements.

Redispersible polymer powders for tile adhesives

Our redispersible polymer powders (RDP/VAE) are used for improved deformability and high bond strength on different substrates. Offers many benefits for wet and dry mortar performance of tile adhesives. A prerequisite for uniform polymer film formation during mortar setting.

In addition to the cementitious matrix, the polymer matrix also contributes to the adhesion and compressive strength of the mortar.

Redispersible polymer powders are suitable for tile adhesive applications where they impart high flexibility or impact resistance and improved abrasion resistance.

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