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Relationship between redispersible latex powder and ceramic tile binder

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Redispersible latex powder is made by the polymerization of two or more polymers, and has different hardness based on the different proportion of the polymer composition.When in a high temperature state, the rubber powder will show different degrees of softening because of its hardness.The harder the rubber powder, the lower the softening degree at the same temperature, and the stronger the ability to resist external forces at high temperature.

Therefore, for the rubber powder used in ceramic tile glue, the rubber powder with high hardness is preferred, which can effectively ensure the long-term bonding under high temperature environment.

In the thin layer construction method for tile laying and pasting construction, in order to facilitate the construction, workers will choose a large area of sizing after tiling work.In this process, ceramic tile glue will form a crust on the exposed surface because of environmental wind speed, water absorption at the base, dissolution of cellulose ether inside itself and other reasons.Because wetting is the key to the close bonding of materials, when the crust is difficult to be destroyed, it will make the tile glue difficult to wetting the brick surface, and ultimately affect the bonding strength.

The choice of redispersible latex powder, on the one hand, because of its structure can play a certain role in water retention, delay the rate of hydration and crusting.On the other hand, the cohesive force per unit area can be increased, and the overall cohesive force can be ensured even if the wetted area is reduced.At the same time, reasonable selection of cellulose ether is also very important.

With the increase of the size of ceramic tiles, the phenomenon of empty drum is more and more likely to occur after the paving, and even the accident of ceramic tiles falling off.The problem has much to do with the flexibility of the bonding material.

Ceramic tile density is high, deformation is low, the base will be affected by all kinds of external and own factors, with greater deformation.As an adhesive layer, tile adhesive must be able to absorb the stress caused by deformation.If the ceramic tile glue does not contain rubber powder, or the content of rubber powder is low, it will be difficult to absorb the stress caused by deformation, so that the whole paving system gradually falls off in the weak place, forming hollow drum.

Redispersible latex powder can provide tile adhesive with the ability to adapt to stress deformation, that is, improve the flexibility of tile adhesive.In this system, the rigidity of ceramic tile glue is mainly provided by inorganic materials such as cement and sand, and the flexibility is provided by rubber powder.The polymer intersperses in the pores of the cement stone to form a polymer network, which becomes the elastic link between the rigid components, making it flexible.When deformation occurs, the polymer network absorbs the stress, ensuring that the rigid component does not crack or suffer damage.

Therefore, improving the flexibility of the bonding material is very important to reduce the cavitation.Appropriate amount of rubber powder can improve the state of polymer formation of mesh structure inside ceramic tile glue.