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Understand the little knowledge of mosaic

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Knowledge point 1: What is the difference between the construction process of mesh mosaic and paper mosaic?

Answer: If it is tiling and filling the joints, the construction process of the two is not much different. After pasting, the paper mosaic needs to be torn and filled after 24 hours, while the mesh mosaic is not required. If it is an integrated construction of pasting and caulking, the paper mosaic needs to be wetted to remove the paper surface when the adhesive is initially set, and the gap is cleaned with a sponge; the mesh mosaic can be directly cleaned during the initial setting. When paving mosaics on the bathroom floor, you should find the slope first and then use tile glue to pave it.

Knowledge point 2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the integrated method of pasting and caulking during mosaic pasting?

Answer: Compared with the construction process of pasting first and then filling the joints, its advantage is that the construction efficiency will be slightly improved; the disadvantage is that the overall construction process will be complicated. It is easy to pull up the mosaic when tearing the paper and reduce the bonding strength, and the gap cannot be filled. Very dense. In addition, the adhesive that meets the requirements of pasting, its caulking effect is generally worse than that of special caulking. Overall, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Knowledge point 3: How to ensure the bonding safety of the back mesh and adhesive mosaic?

Answer: Neutral tile glue should be used as much as possible to prevent the adhesive from falling off.

Knowledge point 4: What are the main supporting tools for mosaic paste?

Answer: The main construction tools for pasting mosaic are: electric mixer, mixing bucket, measuring cylinder, trowel, small grey knife, special tooth scraper, rubber scraper, special caulking spatula, etc.

Knowledge point 5: Is it better to use a traditional spatula or a professional spatula in mosaic construction?

Answer: A professional tooth spatula should be used for construction. Because the professional toothed spatula is good for combing the binder slurry to ensure the uniform application of the binder slurry, control the construction thickness of the binder, and eliminate the air in the binder slurry to ensure the paste effect. At the same time, a special spatula can effectively avoid scratches on the brick surface.

Understand the little knowledge of mosaic