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Causes of exterior wall insulation falling off

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Causes of exterior wall insulation falling off:

1. Basic structural factors.At the joints between concrete beams and columns and masonry, the thermal insulation damage caused by masonry deformation is easy to occur in the outer wall of frame structure.The scaffold hole is not built solid, forming the local base insulation layer is not strong and damaged.The external wall decorative components are not fixed firmly and shift, forming a push and pull effect, which makes the local hollow cavity of the insulation layer, produces cracks and long-term water seepage, and finally leads to the fall off of the insulation layer.

2. Improper anti-pressure measures.The surface load of thermal insulation board is too large, or the resistance measures against negative wind pressure are unreasonable, such as the coastal area or the outer wall of high-rise building adopts the non-nail-adhesive bonding method, which is easy to make the thermal insulation board damaged by wind pressure and empty drum fall off;

3. Improper treatment of the wall interface.In addition to clay brick wall, other walls are applied after the interface mortar treatment of slurry insulation material, otherwise it is easy to cause direct hollow insulation layer or interface treatment material failure, the formation of the interface layer and the main wall hollow drum, associated with the formation of the insulation layer hollow drum.Insulation board surface also needs to use interface mortar treatment, otherwise it will cause local hollow insulation layer.

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