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HPMC Manufacturer Hebei Yida Cellulose Co., Ltd.

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HPMC can be divided into: construction grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade according to the purpose.

At present, most of the HPMC produced in China belong to the construction grade HPMC. In the construction grade, the amount of tile adhesive and putty powder is large, and the rest are used for self-leveling, internal and external wall insulation systems, dry-mixed mortar and other fields.

hpmc for tile adhesive

A good HPMC manufacturer, the HPMC produced can effectively improve the constructability of building materials:

1. Dry blend formulations containing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose can be easily mixed with water. Get the desired consistency quickly.

2. The dissolution of cellulose ether is faster and without lumps. Effectively suspend solid particles, making the mixture more smooth and uniform.

3. Enhance the water retention properties and prolong the opening time.

4. Helps to obstruct the vertical flow of mortar, mortar and tiles, and improve work efficiency.

hpmc for mortar

At present, in the international market, construction-grade HPMC manufacturers are mainly in China, the United States, Germany, and South Korea. Among them, China's HPMC is favored by many countries because of its high cost performance and stable quality.

The best HPMC manufacturer in China is Hebei Yida cellulose. The viscosity can reach 5-200000cps, which can meet most construction scenarios. Hebei Yida is a direct manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. It can not only supply direct users, but also do OEM/ODM for distributors.

You can send us an email to inform your needs at any time, and we will arrange a professional manager to recommend suitable products and quotations for you.