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Hebei Yida Cellulose exhibits at Interlakokraska 2024

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The Russian Coatings Exhibition (Interlakokraska 2024) has been held in Moscow, the capital of Russia, from February 27 to March 1, 2024. This exhibition is a professional exhibition with great influence in the local area and has been held for 27 times.


Hebei Yida Cellulose Co., Ltd., as an elite chemical company in China, makes its debut. Make a wonderful appearance at this exhibition.

This time Hebei Yida Cellulose Co., Ltd. participated in Interlakokraska 2024 and brought a variety of modified products, which stood out at the exhibition.

Interlakokraska 2024

Modified HPMC TA60H, used for tile adhesive, super long opening time of 35 minutes.

Modified HPMC YD1005, used in gypsum mortar, provides excellent workability.

Other products, such as water-reducing agents, defoaming agents, and low-viscosity HPMC for self-leveling mortars, are also dazzling and have won praise and recognition from countless customers.

This exhibition is a small step in the international brand strategy of Hebei Yida Cellulose Co., Ltd., but it is a big step in the era of Made in China Globalization 2.0.