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Modified HPMC for tile adhesive Excellent open time

The modified HPMC produced by Yida is specially used for ceramic tile adhesives. It has super long opening time, anti-slip performance, and meets the standards of ceramic tile adhesives C1, C2, C1ET,C2ET and so on.
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HPMC modified for tile adhesive

Tile adhesives are used to fix interior and exterior tiles, especially walls, floors, ceilings, etc., of various structures such as houses, buildings and swimming pools. To increase the efficiency of tile construction, tile adhesives should have a long open time so that more tile can be attached after application to the substrate. To ensure a secure hold of the tiles, the tile adhesive should have a high tensile strength.

LEAD®TA60H series modified HPMC, viscosity is 200000mPa·S

Adding TA60H series HPMC during the production of ceramic tile adhesive can significantly extend the opening time of construction and enhance the anti-slip effect and workability.

Tile adhesive anti-slip

LEAD®TA60H modified HPMC. In experiments, it showed perfect anti-slip performance.

Ordinary tile cement (C1) is a cement-based tile adhesive specified in EN12004. The bonding strength of tile cement after drying should be higher than 0.5N/mm2.

High Performance Tile Cement (C2) is a special cementitious binder with additional properties specified in EN12004. The bond strength of the tile cement should be at least 1.0N/mm2.

tile adhesive open time

LEAD®TA60H modified HPMC. In experiments, an astonishing opening time of more than 35 minutes was achieved.

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Open time is important for tile adhesives because this characteristic determines the ability of the tile adhesive to retain its stickiness for a period of time after application. In other words, the open time defines the time during which the glue skin has not solidified, during which time the tile adhesive can continue construction operations.

TA60H produced by Hebei Yida Cellulose Co., Ltd. significantly improves the opening time of ceramic tile adhesives. The opening time of tile adhesive also affects its hardening time and the quality of the application. Because only when the tile adhesive remains in a plastic state, the tiles can be easily adjusted and fixed to achieve better construction results.

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