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Hebei Yida cellulose participated in the 15th Water Reducer Raw Materials Market Summit 2024

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Hebei Yida participated in the 15th Water Reducer Raw Materials Market Summit 2024

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With the in-depth progress of the 15th Water Reducer Raw Materials and Market Summit, the summit ushered in the second day of the wonderful agenda today. On the basis of the successful opening yesterday, today's activities are more colorful. Not only did we hold an industry academic exchange seminar, but we also continued to hold corporate exhibitions, attracting the active participation of many industry experts and companies.

At today's industry academic exchange seminar, participants conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as the latest technology, market trends and future development of the water reducer industry. Experts, scholars and corporate representatives expressed their opinions and shared the latest research results and practical experience. The atmosphere at the meeting was warm and the discussion was in-depth, providing valuable ideas and directions for the innovative development of the water reducer industry.

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As one of the exhibitors of this summit, Hebei Yida Cellulose Co., Ltd. also actively participated in today's academic exchange activities. Company representatives spoke on the research and development and application of water reducer raw materials at the seminar, demonstrating Hebei Yida's deep strength and unique advantages in the field of water reducers. At the same time, the company also organized a professional technical team to provide customers with detailed product introductions and technical consultations at the booth, attracting the attention and consultation of many customers.

At the booth of Hebei Yida, customers came in an endless stream. Many customers expressed great interest in the company's series of products such as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, gypsum retarder, and water reducer, and stopped to consult and discuss cooperation. Hebei Yida's staff won unanimous praise from customers with their professional attitude and enthusiastic service.

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In addition, in today's corporate exhibition, Hebei Yida also demonstrated the company's comprehensive strength and achievements in the research and development, production, and sales of water reducer raw materials. By displaying the company's advanced equipment, process technology, and high-quality products, Hebei Yida's reputation and influence in the industry have been further enhanced.

It is understood that this three-day summit aims to promote exchanges and cooperation in the water reducer industry and promote innovation and development in the industry. As one of the leading companies in the water reducer industry, Hebei Yida will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", continuously develop new products, improve technical level and service quality, and make greater contributions to the prosperity and development of the industry.

As the summit progresses, I believe there will be more exciting content and cooperation opportunities waiting for us. Let us look forward to the next event together to inject more vitality and motivation into the future development of the water reducer industry.