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PCE superplasticizer for concrete

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Pce superplasticizer additive

The dosage range of polycarboxylate superplasticizer is 1-2% by weight of cement or cementitious material, and 02-04% by weight of cement for high-concentration products.

Using this polycarboxylate high-performance water-reducing agent, it can be directly added in the form of stock solution, or it can be formulated into a solution of a certain concentration. The recommended dosage is the test basis.

Due to the large water reduction rate of the concrete mixed with this product, the slump is highly sensitive to the water consumption, and the water consumption must be strictly controlled during use.

Pce powder

Polycarboxylate ether based superplasticizer

Polycarboxylate high-performance water-reducing agent has good adaptability to most cements, but it may appear that the water-reducing rate is too low and the slump loss is too large for individual cements. The denaturation is better, so the slump loss in the field use of commercial concrete is smaller than that under laboratory conditions, and the fineness and temperature of the cement may also affect the use effect of this product. It can be solved by appropriately increasing the dosage and other methods.

Pce superplasticizer for concrete

Concrete water reducer can absorb and disperse cement particles, release the water contained in cement aggregates, and improve concrete strength and compactness. The research status of concrete superplasticizers in recent years, the synthesis technology and performance characteristics of common Chemicalbook superplasticizers represented by lignosulfonate superplasticizers and high-efficiency superplasticizers represented by polycarboxylate superplasticizers are expounded. , believes that the development of new products with higher water-reducing rate, better performance and better economy is the main direction for the development of high-performance concrete water-reducing agents in the future.

Pce concrete admixture

While there are so many benefits to adding polycarboxylate water reducers to concrete, there are also problems for users and traders.

That is, liquid PCE is really inconvenient to transport, easy to leak, and high cost.

Therefore, YIDA has launched a new generation of PCE, YD400. It comes in a sheet form for easy transport and sub-packaging. The price has advantages compared to liquid and powder PCE. Welcome customers from all over the world to consult.