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Name Polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent powder

Model YD

Product Description

Yi da polyvinyl alcohol powder and PVA - 1788 is for mortar, putty powder, coating, interface agent, facing plaster, ceramic tile gap filling agent, ceramic tile adhesive, such as cement, gypsum additive systems research and development production, yi da adopt unique liquid nitrogen cooling process makes it have excellent water solubility, cohesive force, film-forming property, solvent resistance, frictional resistance and tensile strength.

Scope of application

PVA-1788 is widely used in various mortar, putty powder, coating, interface agent, veneer plastering, ceramic tile sealant, ceramic tile binder, cement, gypsum additive system.

white powder
Alcoholysis Degree Mole%87-89
Ash Content %max0.7
Volatile Matter%max5.0

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of this product is 1-3‰ of the system. The dosage should be determined by test.



Technical Support

In the preparation process of various formula systems for this product, Yida technical team can provide technical consultation, technical tracking, and cooperate with long-term optimization of the formula system.

Packaging And Storage

The product should be sealed in time after opening the bag for use.
This product is thermoplastic, stored in high temperature environment should avoid pressure, otherwise easy to cause caking;
The storage time should not exceed 24 months in a cool and dry place under 0-40ºC

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