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How to solve the 13 problems that ceramic tile stickup encounters

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Question 1: the cause of the uneven rack-like slurry layer and the prevention and treatment measures?

Solution: 1, the base is not smooth.2. The thickness of the tile glue scraped is not enough, and the tile glue scraped is not full. 3.4, batch scraping speed is too fast, should slow down the scraping speed.5, ceramic tile glue mixing is not uniform, there are powder particles, ceramic tile glue should be fully stirred and used after curing.

Question 2: how to apply the thin sticking method when the flatness of the base layer deviates greatly?

Solution: First of all, we must carry out leveling at the base level, and meet the requirements of smoothness ≤4mm/ 2M, and then use the thin paste method for ceramic tile paste construction.

Question 3. What should be paid attention to when pasting tile on ventilation riser?

Answer: Before pasting, check whether the Yin and Yang Angle of the ventilation pipe is a 90° right Angle, and ensure that the error between the included Angle and the end of the pipe is less than or equal to 4mm;45° Angle set cut ceramic tile seam should be uniform, can not be closely pasted, otherwise affect the paste strength of ceramic tile (hot and humid expansion will lead to ceramic tile edge burst, damage);Reserved standby access port (in order to avoid the occurrence of pipe cleaning, dredge broken and affect the appearance).

Question 4: the installation method of floor tile with floor drain?

Solution: when the floor tiles are laid, it is necessary to find a good slope, so as to ensure that the water in each position can flow into the floor drain, and the slope is 1%-2%.If two floor drains are configured in the same interval, the center point between the two floor drains should be the highest point to both sides of the shop;If it is a supporting wall, floor tiles, floor tiles with wall tiles on the seam shop.

Question 5 :what should be paid attention to when the quick - drying ceramic tile glue is applied outdoors?

Solution: quick dry ceramic tile glue whole store tank time and air buy time than ordinary ceramic tile glue short, so a stirring quantity should not be too much, a batch of scraping area should not be too big, should strictly press the requirement to complete the construction within the product can use time.It is strictly prohibited to continue to use the ceramic tile glue that has lost construction and is close to condensation after being mixed with water twice, otherwise it will greatly affect the early and late bonding strength, and may cause serious whitening.Should be used with stirring, in case of dry solid too fast, you can reduce the mixing amount, appropriate to reduce the temperature of mixing water, appropriate to reduce the mixing rate.

Question 6. Causes and prevention measures of hollow drum or drop in bonding force after tile bonding

Solution: should check basic level quality, product quality validity period above all, match the factor such as water ratio.Then, in view of the phenomenon that the ceramic tile glue has passed the drying time and caused the hollow drum or the decrease of the bonding force, attention should be paid to the pasting during the drying time, and the pasting should be slightly rubbed and pressed to make the ceramic tile glue compact.In view of the adjustment time and adjustment caused by the phenomenon of empty drum or reduced bonding force, we should pay attention to this case, if we want to readjust, we should remove the tile glue first, and then paste the grouting.To paste the big face brick, caused by a lack of the amount of ceramic tile adhesive, lead to pull out too much when before and after the adjustment, the mucilage layer, the phenomenon of falling empty drum or bond, must pay attention to when making before paving, should make accurate dosage of mucilage, as far as possible much use of distance before and after the mauling, ceramic tile adhesive thickness should not less than 3 mm,The pull-out adjustment distance is about 25% of the thickness of the slurry.In view of the hot and dry weather, the scraping area of each batch is too large, resulting in the water loss of part of the rubber slurry surface, the scraping area of each batch should be reduced.Touch ceramic tile glue to already did not have viscosity when with the hand gently, after should scrape next afresh wipe slurry.If the adjustment time has expired and the adjustment is forced, the slurry shall be taken out and replaced.Ceramic tile glue thickness is not enough, need to fill slurry.

Note: Adhesives that coagulate and harden over the operating time are not allowed to be used after mixing with water or other substances.

Question 7. When cleaning the paper on the surface of ceramic tiles, why the ceramic tiles fall off and how to prevent and cure them?

Solution: cause this phenomenon because of premature cleaning in the light of, want to delay cleaning, ceramic tile glue should achieve the ability after certain intensity is cleaned.If there is an urgent need for the construction period, it is recommended to use the quick-drying tile glue, and it can be cleaned at least 2 hours after the paving is completed.

Question 8.What should notice when problem 8 large area ceramic tile stickup?

Solution: the attention should be paid when large area ceramic tile is pasted up: 1) paste inside ceramic tile glue air buy time.2) Use enough glue at one time to prevent the insufficient amount of glue which leads to the need for grouting.

Question 9. As a new decorative paving material, how to guarantee the quality of the soft ceramic brick?

Solution: the adhesive that chooses needs to do form a complete set test with soft pottery brick, choose the ceramic tile glue with strong cohesive force to undertake stickup.

Question 10.Does the need before problem 10 ceramic tile stickup bubble water?

Solution: when choosing qualified ceramic tile glue to undertake stickup, ceramic tile need not bubble water, ceramic tile binder itself has very good water retention performance.

Question 11. How to lay the tile when the base level deviation is large?

Solution: 1) Pre-leveling;2) Adopt the combined construction method.

Question 12. In general, how long after the waterproof construction is finished, can we start tiling and caulking?

Solution: according to waterproof material kind is different and decide, basic principle is waterproof material already achieved the ability after the intensity requirement that sticks brick can stick brick, glue of ceramic tile after sticking brick sticks intensity to achieve a requirement (it is 3~5 days commonly) after just can undertake tick off seam.

Question 13. In general, how long after tiling and caulking are finished, can they be put into use?

Solution: after caulking, natural conservation 5-7 days (winter, rainy season should be appropriately extended) can be put into use.

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