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Why is plastering mortar always intensity low?

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The wall plastering mortar strength is low, the label is not enough, the sand off powder, empty drum cracking, uneven...... The above situation, many people will feel the booth on the event! It's like a shoddy project.

In fact, encountered such a problem when those who rely on plastering project to eat the construction side than the owner more anxious!

However, if only the surface of these phenomena may not be as serious as you think, as long as the main structure is not defective, these surface problems are relatively easy to solve.

The wall desander off the powder, of course, is plastered mortar low strength, label is not caused by. And wall mortar layer empty drum, cracking, and it may be plastered mortar cement dosage is too large or too high strength caused, especially cracking.

As mentioned above, the low strength of wall plastering mortar will lead to the desanding of the wall powder. To solve this problem is very simple, the use of sand clean can be, plastering mortar low strength with sand clean. The use method is very simple, not clear friends can be Baidu, Xiaobian will not describe in detail.

How does wall mortar layer empty drum, crack solve again?

Cause the mortar layer empty drum cracking, excluding the main wall structure problem, most is because the mortar strength is too high, that is, cement sand ratio when the cement dosage is too large, you interested friends can pay attention to, the higher the strength of wall mortar, the more cracks crack, the more obvious.

Mortar layer hollow drum, generally refers to the wall base and plastering mortar layer between the bond is not strong, or plastering mortar density is insufficient caused by delamination phenomenon.

Repair method:

(1) clean the floating sand and ash on the surface of the wall, stir the sand clean wall desanding repair fluid evenly, and then spray it on the wall, make the wall fully wet, it is appropriate not to flow away, moderate or heavy desanding plastered wall after 30 minutes, spray it for the second time (the interval of 10-20 minutes if the suction penetration is too fast, the specific field test shall prevail). Check after 8 hours, if the local effect is not achieved, analyze the reason or carry out the third spraying supplement.

(2) for a long time weathered, plastering mortar cement failure (or cement content is too low) or sand soil content is too large caused by the plastering layer desanding problem, this kind of situation will affect the effect, this kind of wall need to remove the old plastering layer, plastering. 

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