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2022 HPMC Factory Outlet China HPMC Manufacturer

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Where to buy HPMC direct from the factory

Contact the factory who Outlet HPMC

Hpmc factory near me

Find Outlet HPMC Factory

China's factory that exports HPMC

FAQ about HPMC Factory Outlet

HPMC manufacturer outlet

Where to buy HPMC direct from the factory

HPMC is an abbreviation for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. Mainly used in building material additives, food additives and pharmaceutical industries. HPMC produced by Hebei Yida is widely used in construction and daily chemical fields, including:

Application areas of HPMC


Wall Putty

Skim Coat

Cement Plasters

Cement Masonry Mortar

Tile Adhesive


Floor Cleaners


Light Gypsum

Gypsum Plasters

Liquid Soap

If you are an end user, you can cooperate with us by placing an order. Yida's annual output of HPMC reaches 25,000 tons, which can provide you with a stable product supply.

Contact the factory who Outlet HPMC

You can submit a description of your needs by sending an email to my mailbox or on the "Contact Us" page. Our professional business managers will contact you as soon as possible and recommend HPMC products that meet your needs. We also have a very advanced technical research and development team, which can solve most of the building material formulation problems for you.

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose factory near me

Many end users will search for "HPMC factory near me", eager to find a close HPMC manufacturer. But unfortunately, the result of your search may only be a "HPMC dealer" close to you, not a manufacturer. Because, on a global scale, there are few real HPMC manufacturers. If you want to make a deal directly with the manufacturer to get a lower product quotation and a stable product supply. Then, you can choose to consult China Yida, we are a real HPMC manufacturer, willing to provide you with free samples and technical guidance.

Find Outlet HPMC Factory

“It was a pleasure to work with!”

This is what a chemical material distributor who often imports HPMC from China said about us.

Because our products of Yida sell well in his local area, the HPMC quotation we provide gives him ample room to make profits.

If you also want to know the price of our HPMC, please contact us.

China's factory that exports HPMC

China is a major country of origin of HPMC, and Chinese cellulose manufacturers headed by Hebei Yida occupy a very important position in today's world.

Importing cellulose ether from China has become the only choice for many countries in the world.

Production process of HPMC:

Refined cotton crushing - alkalizing - feeding - alkalizing - etherification - solvent recovery and washing - centrifugal separation - drying - crushing - mixing - finished product packaging.

FAQ about HPMC Factory Outlet

Q:How to identify HPMC factory?

A:It's hard to tell, but you can trust Yida.

Q:The main advantage of HPMC factory direct sales?

A:Factory price HPMC, save your cost.

Q:How to choose HPMC factory?

A:Inspect product quality and factory strength. Of course, you can also contact us directly.

Q:Why choose Yida?

A:With 16 years of experience in cellulose production, we are a reliable HPMC export factory in China.