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Tell you why "gypsum" is the best building material indoors!

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Gypsum building materials are suitable for indoor non-load-bearing partition wall, plastering, ground leveling and top surface and other decoration. It is the best building material indoors. The reason is:

one Living in a house made of plaster is safe and comfortable

1, safety

Safety mainly refers to its especially good fire resistance.

Gypsum and cement concrete, bricks and other inorganic materials, with non-combustible; Taking 80 mm thick solid gypsum block as an example, its decomposition time takes about 4 hours, and the indoor property has not reached the ignition point during this period, which has won valuable time for the escape of people in the fire, the protection of property and the fire fighting.

2, comfortable

Comfortable means that it warms and breathes.

Lumber is the indoor building material that people likes most, often be used at floor, dado, wallboard even, the reason is its light warm, make the person feels warm and comfortable. Make gesso building materials with natural gesso, its water paste is in commonly 0.6-0.8 between, industrial by-product gesso can amount to 1.0 above. The internal partition wall of the United States and Japan is almost all the paper plasterboard, Europe, Asia and other areas, the application of the paper plasterboard partition wall is also very common.

 The development of gypsum building materials completely conforms to the policy of circular economy and sustainable development

1. Energy saving in the production of gypsum cementitious materials

In the production process of cement, lime and gypsum, the temperature required to generate the final product is about 14500, 800-9000 and 1700 respectively. The lowest temperature is obtained for the generation of building gypsum. Therefore, its calcination energy consumption is the lowest, which is about 1/4 of cement and 1/3 of lime.

2. Use gypsum building materials to save materials

3. Recycling

4. No pollution to the environment and no harm to human health

3. Choose gesso building materials is a few problems that everybody cares

1, on the water resistance of gypsum building materials.

Gypsum is a kind of slightly soluble in water material, according to the determination: its solubility in water, at 0 for 0.223%, 100 for 0.205%, its solubility is actually very small. When gesso building materials and moist air or when water contact, can inhalation moisture in pore, change this environment, moisture can come out from the evaporation in pore again, because its solubility is small, should not be soaked for a long time only in water, won't cause the destruction that affects the use to the structure.

The building wants hundred years big plan, tall to durability requirement, accordingly, be used at the place that may contact with water when gesso building materials, when be like kitchen or toilet, still must adopt strict waterproof measure. Measures that can be taken include:

Partial or complete waterproof veneers or coatings on the partition walls according to the extent of possible contact with water;

When producing blocks, add water-proofing agent or water-proofing admixture to the ingredients;

Sealing crevices and holes with sealing paste;

Or make a brick or concrete wall pad before laying the partition wall;

Adopt waterproof paper surface gypsum board, etc.

2, about the sound insulation of gypsum building materials.

In order to improve the function of housing, the Ministry of Construction is currently organizing the preparation of housing parts standard "non-load-bearing internal partition technical conditions", which will stipulate:

The sound insulation of air sound-meter right of household partition wall: the laboratory measurement value should not be less than 50dB;

Sound insulation of air acoustical meter for inner compartment partition: laboratory measurement value shall not be less than 35dB. According to this requirement, the existing non-load-bearing internal partition walls in our country can meet the requirements of partition walls, but are difficult to meet the requirements of partition walls, the need to take necessary measures on the basis of technical and economic analysis, such as:

Double layer approach;

Add sound insulation, etc to a partition wall.

3, on the plate crack

All kinds of light partition wall plate crack has become a common problem. There are three main reasons: material problems, partition structure problems, partition and the main structure of the connection problem. In a lot of light partition, because gesso products have wet rise rate small, bibulous rate low advantage, the plate seam crack problem of gesso wall board already had the solution of more complete form a complete set.